Boulanger Initiative

Celebrating, Performing, and Supporting Music Composed by Women

Our Mission

Boulanger Initiative’s mission is to promote music composed by women through performance, education, and commissions. To work toward greater inclusivity, and to enrich our collective understanding of what music is, has been, and can be.



Concert series devoted to presenting music composed by women, past and present, striving to challenge established inequalities in concert programming.


Lectures, publications, and masterclasses to help expose students and audiences to the idea that women have composed, and do compose, music.


Supporting the composition and performance of new music, to foster awareness, create possibility, and inspire creativity.


National Concert Listings

Boulanger Initiative is dedicated to helping audiences learn about opportunities to see live performances of compositions by women. View national concert listings, or submit your own!

Consulting Services

Boulanger Initiative is committed to making the music of women composers more accessible for audiences, performers, teachers, and anyone who wants to create a more equitable world through music. We are currently offering consulting services in three areas: instruction, curating for presenters, and curating for performers.

The Boulanger Initiative is a welcome addition to the world of music, helping to celebrate women composers and making the stage more equitable in composing and performing.
— Jennifer Higdon